What are you running from today?

Are you going to abandon everything in the face of the next challenge, the next responsibility or exam, a new dream or a new thrill? It's hard to go on if you’ve fallen and you’ve given up.
The easiest is to say "I can’t do it"!

100% POWER is here to give you the energy boost to turn things around – to turn what you think it’s impossible into reality. Because we believe in you! Because you are much more than what you realize! And because you are cool the way you are, you just need to recharge. Once you get up and step ahead everything will get easier and easier.

In our 100%POWER products we have invested high energy premixes of the world's leading manufacturer DSM - an innovator in the production of food ingredients such as vitamins, carotenoids, omega and food enzymes.

100% POWER. Step ahead!

For all of you who need extra energy to study, work, create, or just have fun. Step ahead with 100%POWER!


Vitamin b6


Vitamin b12

This bar will support you in the moments when you need extra energy to prepare for the next test or the next challenge. Try to reach 100% superhuman concentration!




Yogurt taste