You can boost yourself up with the pink bar when you need an extra energy bite before throwing yourself into all the challenges your hectic and crazy day has to offer. The Ginseng hidden in it provides tonus and energy in everything we are striving for – in our quest to step ahead! With magical and refreshing taste of milk and blueberries which immerse your senses in a sea of elegant delight.



The millennial history of Ginseng is deeply shrouded in mystical aura. It is believed that the miraculous properties of the plant are known in the East Asia for more that 5000 years. Sometimes its roots resemble a human figure and it’s no coincidence that Ginseng translated from Chinese means "root-man." It’s also called "root of life" or "root of longevity" and has been considered a panacea in many legends – a cure which can cope with any disease.